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1977 Chris Craft Catalina, Gas to Diesel Conversion

1977 Chris Craft 33 Catalina, Grover's removed the problematic 350cuin Crusader gas engines and expertly installed new Yanmar 6LYA-DTP 260 hp

6 cylinder engines. Groverís also remove the lower helm station and blended in the woodwork to open up the cabin. The final piece of the total refit

was installation of a new Northern Lights diesel generator. The new owner John said, "its amazing how quickly it came up on plane, canít say enough

of the professionalism of the Al Grover team, awesome job". The cruise is now 24 knots @ 3400, top end is 28 knots.


2000 Pursuit 3000 Express, Gas to Diesel Conversion

2000 Pursuit 3000 Express, Grover's removed the Mercuiser 350 gas engines and professionally installed new Yanmar 240 hp diesel engines to gain

5 knots at cruise, 27 knots @ 3000, top 30 knots.

2000 Albemarle 280 Express, Gas to Diesel Conversion

2000 Albemarle 280 Express, Nagging Witch, repowered from Merc 350 MAG gas engines to Yanmar 240 hp diesels. The cruise speed is 27 knots

and she topís out fully outfitted at 32 knots. Now this proven fishing machine has the legís to go the distance!

1986 Morgan 31, Diesel to Diesel Conversion

1986 Morgan 31, OUTCAST, had the Grover Team remove the old Volvo 60 series diesel and install the new YANMAR 6LYA 370 hp.

A re-fabricated strut was necessary for the larger shaft.

1984 Fortier 26, Diesel Repower

Fortier 26, Mr. Viggs of Montauk, repowered with YANMAR at Grover's. The team stripped the bilge, painted, neatly installed the new engine

and some other improvements to achieve a 21 kt cruise. Quiet, Efficient, Durable, and Yanmar reputation for reliability.

29í Aquasport Tournament, Gas to Diesel Conversion

1987 Aquasport Tournament 290, "My Addiction" is another in a long line of repowered Aquasports. The Grover Team removed

the old Crusader 350's and installed the new YANMAR 4LHA-STP 240 hp diesels. The entire bilge was stripped and painted,

custom engine mounts were installed. The dramatic increase in cruise speed to 28 kt and top at 31 kt is matched by equal gains

in efficiency and range. The advantages in safety, reliability, durability, quiet and smooth running are icing on the cake. The proud owner

is thrilled and feels like he has a new boat at a bargain price.

35í Egg Harbor Sportfisherman, Gas to Diesel Conversion

The Grover Team repowered another great Egg Harbor. This 1987 35 was converted from Crusader 454ís to 2003 YANMAR

6LYA-STP 370 hp diesels. "Ocean Commotion" Also received a new Northern Lights 8 kw genset. She runs an honest 25 kt cruise.

35í Luhrs Tournament, Diesel to Diesel Conversion

1991 Luhrs Tournament 350 repowered from CAT 3208 17-20 KT, Loud & Thirsty to 2003 YANMAR 370's 26-32 KT.

Owner reports his second Grover's repower is the ultimate-awesome speed.

32í Hatteras Express, Gas to Diesel Conversion

1983 Hatteras 32 Sportfish had her old Mercruiser 454's removed and Grover's Team installed new Yanmar 315's.

The Merc's produced an 18 knots cruise burning 40gal/hr. She now cruises 25-26 knots burning just 18 gal/hr, top @ 31 kt

29í Luhrs Open, Gas to Diesel Conversion

1994 Luhrs 29 "Finatic" Grover's Team removed the Marine Power gas engines and installed 2003 Yanmar 240's for a cruise

speed of 24 knots and the ultimate in fuel economy.

29í Blackfin Combi, Gas to Diesel Conversion

1987 Blackfin 29 Combi repowered with 2003 Yanmar 315's allowing for an easy cruise of 28 knots,

this combination makes this very deep V, Ray Hunt hull really canyon capable.

29í Tiara Open, Gas to Diesel Conversion

1994 Tiara 29 Open, TAZ, had the old Crusader 350 ci/270 hp engines removed and Grover's Team installed

2003 Yanmar 240's to achieve a cruise speed of 27.5 kt @ 3100 rpm and top speed of 30.5 kt. Cruise consumption is 16 gal/hr.

34í Atlantic, Gas to Diesel Conversion

1992 Atlantic 34, SHANGRI-LA, had the old Crusader 454's removed and Grover's Team installed 2003 Yanmar 315's

to achieve cruise speed of 26.5 kt @ 3400 rpm, top speed 32kt. Cruise consumption is 18 gal/hr.

33í Egg Harbor Sportfisherman Gas to Diesel Conversion

Repowered by the Grover Team. The old gas Crusader 454's were stripped-out, the bilge and mounts

made new for the expert installation of NEW twin YANMAR 315 hp's diesels and new genset. The boat now cruises at 22 kts,

tops at 27 kts and offers the greatest range, economy, reliability, and durability.

25í Bertram Gas to Diesel I/O Conversion

We replaced the old Merc Twin 165 gas sterndrive package with NEW 2002 Twin Merc Diesel 1.7 120 hp with Alpha drives

to gain speed, efficiency and range. Cruise @ 3500 is 27/28 kt, Top @ 4400 is 34 kt

1976 26í Bertram Gas to Diesel I/O Conversion

1976 Bertram 26 Flybridge Repowered with NEW Twin YANMAR 190 hp and Merc Bravo Diesel drives. She runs 30 kt @ cruise

and 37 kt at the top.

1989 Egg Harbor 35 Sportfisherman

Gas to diesel repower with Yanmar 440 HP

We stripped the bilge, IMRON, installed custom aluminum engine mounts, NEW 2002 YANMAR 440 hp, NEW genset,

NEW exhaust, NEW fuel system, NEW Running gear. Thrilling performance at an easy 28 knot cruise.

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35 Egg Harbor Repower Video

1988 29í Blackfin "Relentless"

Gas to Diesel Conversion w/ Yanmar 4LHA-STP 240 HP

Al Groverís installed 2 NEW YANMAR 240 hp, custom engine mounts, NEW Genset in this sea proven express fisherman.

This combination gives an extremely fuel-efficient ride without loosing a good turn of speed. Canyon fishing is now easily within reach.

Owners note:

Just got back my gas to diesel repower from 454 gas Crusaders to Yanmar 4LHA-STP diesels @ 240 hp.

On the way back from Freeport to SI on Friday with a little chop, I noted these speeds with full tank:

2500 rpm - 19.3 mph

2700 - 21.3

2800 - 22.7

2900 - 24.6

3000 - 25.7

3100 - 27.2

3500 wot - 30.3 mph

I'm a happy guy.

The diesels seemed quieter than my Crusaders, but that could just be my imagination.

1985 Viking 35 Open

Yanmar 370 HP

This repower is a complete restoration. We installed NEW Yanmar 370 hp and a genset. She turned 28 kts! She will get her

hard top, complete electronics package, and more to become a rare sportfish.

1984 Egg Harbor 33 Sportfisherman

Gas to diesel repower with Yanmar 315 HP

We stripped the bilge, IMRON, installed custom aluminum engine mounts, NEW 2002 YANMAR 6LPASTE 315 hp,

NEW genset, NEW exhaust, NEW fuel system. Thrilling performance with the best economy-highest fuel efficiency,

longest life diesel engines.

1988 Shamrock 20

Gas to diesel repower with Yanmar 150 HP

1988 Shamrock 20 was crawling along with a Ford 302 gas engine. Al Groverís Repower Team installed a 2002 YANMAR

150 hp diesel to make this boat reach 23 knot cruise and 29 knot top speed! The owner is enjoying his 5+ miles per gallon.

1989 Tiara 36 Convertible "ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT"

Gas to diesel repower with Yanmar 370 HP

Came to Al Grovers for a faster cruise speed and greater range. Team Grovers swiftly removed the 2001 Merc 7.4 Gas engines and prepared the bilge

for the new 2002 YANMAR 370 hp diesels. On the January 26 sea trial, she performed perfect and delivered a 26 kt cruise!

1993 Steiger Craft 21 Block Island

The Team at Grovers removed the old Volvo Gas 130 hp that cruised the boat at 16 mph and topped at 24 mph. They installed the NEW Mercruiser

1.7L DTI diesel 125 hp and Alpha drive to achieve a cruise @ 24 mph and top at 31 mph.

1982 Fortier 26 "FOUR BELLS"

Diesel to diesel repower with a Yanmar 230 hp

The owner could not stand the loud noise of the old Isuzu 145 hp engine. This bass boat chugged a 14 kt cruise and 17 kt top speed.

Team Groverís expertly installed a NEW YANMAR 230 hp in a repainted bilge along with a new custom fabricated panel.

The boat now achieves a 21 kt cruise and 25 knot top at very quiet noise levels. The skipper can now hear the bass swim.

1989 Tiara 36 Convertible "Singlephile"

Gas to diesel repower with Yanmar 350 HP

Like most Tiara's, this boat needed new diesels to reach its potential and satisfy the owner. The old Crusader 454 gas engines were replaced with new YANMAR 350 hp.

The ride improved with less spray, better running angle, quiet and smooth operation, double the range, and much faster speeds.

1986 Topaz 27 "SEA BABY"

Volvo Diesel to Yanmar diesel repower

Old power was Volvo 40 Series 165 hp only reached 16/20 knots. NEW YANMAR 6LP 250 hp diesels were expertly installed

by Grover's to cruise at 28 knot, top at 31 knot. The owner lost very little fishing time and gained an amazing boat.

 1988 Cape Dory 28 Sportsman

Gas to diesel repower with a Yanmar 6LP 300 hp

We removed the old Chrysler and installed a NEW YANMAR 300 to deliver a 20-knot cruise and 23-knot top speed.

This repower truly redefined this downeast classic with a faster cruise, longer range and quieter overall operation.

1985 Groverbuilt 28' with a NEW YANMAR 190 hp


This is Al Grover's Sr.ís 1985 Groverbuilt 28' with a NEW YANMAR 190 hp. Dad requested quietness and premium reliability

and was very happy with the results.